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Control what friends reveal!    Your friends have access to YOUR profile. They can also re-post your wall comments or share your profile info without your knowledge. They might also be on Apps that access their friends list and that is YOU. You have some control over this.

Click “Privacy Settings” under account.  Go to “Applications & websites” and click on “edit your settings & info accessible through your friends”.  Deselect items to share when your friends use app sharing. You can go all the way and deselect everything to block all the sharing and protect your privacy

If all else fails and you want to get rid of your FACEBOOK account, that as well is difficult to do but possible. The entire process take about 14 days on average.  Once you start it, you can not use the account.  The link to do this is somewhere in the Help Pages.  PC Wold has a link to it instead at  Fill out the form, click OK, then log off.  Within 14 days your entire Facebook page is eradicated, so think twice before you do this.



ALL Facebook Apps can access your profile information. It is Facebook’s policy that the developer’s of these apps cannot use your personal data off-site & may only use the amount of data from your page needed to run that certain app.  The down side to all this is once the “developer” of the app has access to your information, it’s up to that person to keep the information he has gained from your page in a safe and secure location.  The big question that pops up is WHO is this person, WHERE is the info stored, and for HOW long do they keep this information.

If you do not like this policy you may black out apps.  Select Privacy Settings under account, and click Edit Your Settings under “Applications and websites”. Below “Applications you use”, select TURN OFF all platform applications. In the alert box, choose Select All & click Turn off platform.

When you have reached this point you are complete but it may take Facebook a few minute or so to complete the change you just entered into your account before they will take effect.

Facebook is nice but to me it just seems to get more and more complicated, maybe it is just me!


Joe Kash


Games and Apps can be another problem area.  Some games reward you when you recruit new players.  This can bug some people when they don’t want to play these games.  Some apps post information on your wall, or what your high score is for the day.  This can be done because that check everyone makes that they have read and agree to all the terms and conditions gives them permission to do this.

Don’t become a nuisance to your friends.  Second of all, do you really want everyone knowing you been playing XYZ all day today?

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“Control Items Posted on YOUR PROFILE”  Even if you delete your account on facebook, the pics and info you shared can still lurk out there on Facebook as well as the Net in general.  THINK before you post!  If your gut makes you wonder, don’t post it. But, if you do decide to post, “control” who sees your post by using the Lock Feature. Read the rest of this entry »

At our last meeting, George R. brought in an article from P C World magazine (2/11)  on the subject of “Facebook ” privacy. With so many of our members being on Facebook, I made it the topic of discussion for the March meeting.  On the other side,  we have many people that are out of town over the winter months so I thought I would post the info here as well.

The first step is to Disable Facebook Places.  While using Facebook Places does have a good role, it also broadcasts YOUR location.  While most times this is not a problem, in the wrong hands that info can be used against you.  If you use PLACES, by default it lets ANYONE see your profile. This means just about everyone on the internet these days. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb. 21st Meeting!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to pass on some news about our Feb. Meeting.

Today, I locked in a speaker for the meeting.  He is a Systems Analyst for Cape May County.  The topic of his talk will be on Internet Security and the use of Personal Information on the Net.  The first part of the meeting he is going to give his talk but then open it up to a Q & A session.

This is just a small example of what we can do with a blog.  I can tell you right now I will not be able to monitor this blog every day but I will keep a check on it.  Hope to see ya at the meeting….


Intro to the Blog

Hello everyone!  At our meeting on 1/16/11 we spoke about blogs ( how to make one, use them, & how they work) and how simple they were to make.  For a starter I said I would make one for the Users Group. After going through several combo names to find one not taken, I picked “alpcusers” for Avalon Library PC Users Group.  It is sort of like picking an e-mail address and it has to be a name not used by anyone else.

Unlike a web site where they are pretty much made up by one person, a blog is a lot more interactive.  Other people can post to this site as well.  Feel free to add your two cents, post a question, or just say hello!

The Avalon PC Users Group still meets in the Avalon Library on the third Monday of the month from 6:15 PM to 7:45 PM. Phone # is 609-967-7155


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