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At our last meeting, George R. brought in an article from P C World magazine (2/11)  on the subject of “Facebook ” privacy. With so many of our members being on Facebook, I made it the topic of discussion for the March meeting.  On the other side,  we have many people that are out of town over the winter months so I thought I would post the info here as well.

The first step is to Disable Facebook Places.  While using Facebook Places does have a good role, it also broadcasts YOUR location.  While most times this is not a problem, in the wrong hands that info can be used against you.  If you use PLACES, by default it lets ANYONE see your profile. This means just about everyone on the internet these days.Go to the ACCOUNT tab and pick Privacy Settings.  From there pick how much you want expose to the world, both in posts & pictures you post.

If you wish to disable Places entirely, log onto Facebook & pick Privacy Settings from the Account drop-down menu. Click Customize Settings.  The last line under “things I share” deals with Facebook Places; click edit & select Disable.

To stop friends from broadcasting your location, scroll to “things others share” from the bottom item, click edit & then select Disable.

This is Part 1.



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