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“Control Items Posted on YOUR PROFILE”  Even if you delete your account on facebook, the pics and info you shared can still lurk out there on Facebook as well as the Net in general.  THINK before you post!  If your gut makes you wonder, don’t post it. But, if you do decide to post, “control” who sees your post by using the Lock Feature. Before clicking Share, click on the drop-down menu above and select who can see the item that you are about to post.  You can pick who can see it from: Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends Only, or Customize.  The Customize setting will let you block individual friends irrespective of your general choice.

When you make that silly post, think….  How will this look if the “wrong” person happens to see this post?  Think how it would be if 5 years from now, someone brings up this post!  As a part of many job applications today, they do a search on your social media habits & could be the point that they HIRE or REJECT your application.  Have fun and all but please THINK is the point of this post.


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