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Games and Apps can be another problem area.  Some games reward you when you recruit new players.  This can bug some people when they don’t want to play these games.  Some apps post information on your wall, or what your high score is for the day.  This can be done because that check everyone makes that they have read and agree to all the terms and conditions gives them permission to do this.

Don’t become a nuisance to your friends.  Second of all, do you really want everyone knowing you been playing XYZ all day today?

You can make some changes yourself.  Go to the “Privacy Settings” page.  At the bottom left, under “Applications and Websites”, select EDIT your Settings. Below “Game and application activity”, select Custom from the drop-down menu. Then click on ONLY ME in the dialog box.  As with a lot of things in facebook, the steps to doing something seem complicated, when you read them, but only tale a minute or two to do.  Privacy on Facebook is possible but you need to work on it.

Joe Kash

PS:  Meeting date is 2/21/11     6:15 PM!


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