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#4 How to Disable Facebook Apps!

ALL Facebook Apps can access your profile information. It is Facebook’s policy that the developer’s of these apps cannot use your personal data off-site & may only use the amount of data from your page needed to run that certain app.  The down side to all this is once the “developer” of the app has access to your information, it’s up to that person to keep the information he has gained from your page in a safe and secure location.  The big question that pops up is WHO is this person, WHERE is the info stored, and for HOW long do they keep this information.

If you do not like this policy you may black out apps.  Select Privacy Settings under account, and click Edit Your Settings under “Applications and websites”. Below “Applications you use”, select TURN OFF all platform applications. In the alert box, choose Select All & click Turn off platform.

When you have reached this point you are complete but it may take Facebook a few minute or so to complete the change you just entered into your account before they will take effect.

Facebook is nice but to me it just seems to get more and more complicated, maybe it is just me!


Joe Kash



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