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Facebook Security – Part 5 of 5

Control what friends reveal!    Your friends have access to YOUR profile. They can also re-post your wall comments or share your profile info without your knowledge. They might also be on Apps that access their friends list and that is YOU. You have some control over this.

Click “Privacy Settings” under account.  Go to “Applications & websites” and click on “edit your settings & info accessible through your friends”.  Deselect items to share when your friends use app sharing. You can go all the way and deselect everything to block all the sharing and protect your privacy

If all else fails and you want to get rid of your FACEBOOK account, that as well is difficult to do but possible. The entire process take about 14 days on average.  Once you start it, you can not use the account.  The link to do this is somewhere in the Help Pages.  PC Wold has a link to it instead at  Fill out the form, click OK, then log off.  Within 14 days your entire Facebook page is eradicated, so think twice before you do this.



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